1st Raid IN MOTO in Sardinia

An exciting holiday in Northern Sardinia for 21 motorcyclist readers of the magazine IN MOTO who chose the hospitality of Delphina hotels & resorts to combine comfort with adventure on two wheels.

No doubt about the fact that in the best possible way Sardinia welcomed the group of 21 riders who took part in the 1st Raid in Sardinia organized by the monthly magazine IN MOTO in partnership with Tom 42 and the hospitality of Delphina hotels & resorts: excellent weather conditions, breathtaking natural landscapes and carefully worked out routes between the coast and inland to discover the island riding one’s own bike.

September on holiday “On the road .. and on the beach” and Delphina hotels & resorts as a reference point for the entire stay during all 6 nights in Sardinia. The choice of two hotels, the Park Hotel Cala di Lepre & Spa in Palau on the eastern side and the Hotel Torreruja Thalasso & Spa in Isola Rossa on the western side, ensured maximum comfort for the riders allowing them to move easily around the North of the island.

The location of hotels is a strong point, both of them overlooking the sea along the coast of North Sardinia and set in beautiful Mediterranean gardens. After the daily rides on two wheels the return to the hotel for an invigorating dip or just relaxing by the pool with a colourful cocktail. To end the day, a delicious aperitif at sunset and dinner at one of the hotel restaurants.

In a succession of curves and hairpins the group followed a varied and well thought-out route that managed to combine sea and culture with archeology but also the chance to discover the hinterland between nature and traditions: Santa Teresa Gallura and Porto Cervo with beaches of fine white sand, Arzachena with a visit to the Nuraghic Prisgiona site, the inland villages and towns surrounded by lush forests of cork oak like Tempio, Aggius and Luogosanto, up to 2 stages of the  Gennargentu Marathon and Neptune’s Grotto.

The riders became a single well-knit group almost immediately. It’s easy to make friends and to share enthusiasm for the experience. The general sense of satisfaction meant that the trip was a success … now you just have to wait for the next edition. Why don’t you join too?

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