Blue Flags 2023: Awarded Beaches in Northern Sardinia

From Badesi to Palau, passing through the La Maddalena Archipelago, in 2023 the Blue Flag waves over 6 locations in Gallura.

The Blue Flag is the quality certificate from the FEE (Foundation for Environmental Education) given to beach locations that meet essential criteria such as sea purity, beach cleanliness, waste sorting, pedestrian areas, bike trails, green spaces, beach services, urban furnishings, hotel and health facilities. It serves as a crucial reference not only for those seeking beautiful and untouched beaches but also those offering the most sought-after comforts for a truly relaxing seaside holiday.

Near the Delphina hotels and resorts, numerous beach locations in Santa Teresa Gallura, La Maddalena, Palau, Badesi, Trinità d’Agultu, and Vignola have been confirmed among the beaches with the most beautiful seas in Italy.

Blue Flags 2023 in Badesi

The beach of Li Junchi, spanning 8 kilometers of fine sand and clear waters, is overlooked by the Resort Le Dune. Holding the Blue Flag since 2016, it is a favorite for those who enjoy the sea in total freedom, offering ample space to play, stroll, or relax with the whole family.

Blue Flags 2023 in Badesi

Li Junchi is also the ideal place for outdoor activity enthusiasts: from water sports like surfing, windsurfing, and sailing to long walks in nature, observing the unique variety of flora and fauna that inhabit its golden sand dunes, lined with junipers that stretch all along the coast. The Blue Flag was also reconfirmed for Li Mindi and Baia delle Mimose a little further west.

Blue Flags 2023 in Costa Rossa

Three Blue Flags also wave on the beaches of the Trinità d’Agultu territory, known for its striking red rocks. The Spiaggia Longa, with its shallow seabeds and turquoise waters, faces the vibrant promenade of Isola Rossa and is close to the 4-star superior Hotel Torreruja. The bay of La Marinedda, directly in front of the 5-star Hotel Marinedda, is considered one of the most important spots in Northern Sardinia for surfing and windsurfing. Not only surfers love it but also those who adore fiery sunsets. At sunset, the cliffs turn red, and the sky and water merge, presenting a rainbow of orange-pink hues. Lastly, the natural amphitheater of Cala Sarraina, between Isola Rossa and Vignola, next to the beauties of Costa Paradiso, is an ideal destination for those seeking moments of tranquillity.

Blue Flags 2023 in Costa Rossa

Blue Flags 2023 in Santa Teresa Gallura

Moving towards the eastern coast of Gallura, the Blue Flag can be found on five beaches in the vibrant village of Santa Teresa Gallura. Among them are Rena Bianca and Rena di Ponente, some of the first to be awarded on the island, Zia Columba/Rena di Levante awarded in 2016, and Santa Reparata in 2018.

For those looking for beaches with shallow seabeds stretching to the horizon, Rena Bianca and Rena di Ponente will be highly appreciated destinations. The former is just a stone’s throw from the center of Santa Teresa Gallura, while the latter is on the western side of the isthmus of the Capo Testa peninsula, a must-visit for trekking enthusiasts. All four are just a ten-minute drive from the Resort Valle dell’Erica Thalasso & Spa.

Blue Flag 2023 in La Maddalena Archipelago and Palau

Guests of the Hotel Capo d’Orso, Residence Il Mirto, and the Park Hotel Cala di Lepre can choose between the Blue Flags of Palau Vecchio and Isolotto in Palau and the white pearls of the La Maddalena Archipelago.

The beauty of the La Maddalena Archipelago is represented by seven wonderful beaches where the Blue Flag flies. All located on La Maddalena Island and the nearby Caprera Island, they are easily reachable with a twenty-minute ferry ride from the port of Palau or through one of the boat trips organized by Delphina.

For those who decide to set sail for the Blue Flag beaches of the world’s most beautiful archipelago, in La Maddalena, they will find Spalmatore Beach, Porto Lungo, Monti d’a Rena, Bassa Trinità, and Punta Tegge. On Caprera Island, there’s the Relitto Beach with its fine white sand, famous for hosting an ancient ship of which only the wooden skeleton remains today, and the Due Mari Beach, bathed by crystal-clear waters with a shallow and sandy seabed.

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