Red Coast: The wild charm of western Gallura

Dream beaches and Mediterranean landscapes, the small village of Isola Rossa and the Aragonese tower: There’s a corner of Sardinia that will stay in your heart.

Imagine a natural paradise where the beaches seem painted by an artist. Fine sands and crystal-clear waters meet the pink hues of granite and the intense green of the Mediterranean scrub. We are on the Red Coast, in the north-western area of Gallura. Places still capable of thrilling with their wild charm and where one feels free, among famous beaches like those of La Marinedda, Li Cossi, Tinnari up to small coves accessible by land with a pleasant walk or by sea in a kayak.

Red Coast: Dream beaches where you can feel free

The sea paths, between the green and blue of the Red Coast

Start discovering the Red Coast at the beach of La Marinedda, a Blue Flag holder since 2017, facing the Hotel Marinedda Thalasso & SPA. Imagine a crescent of light sand where the intense scent of the Mediterranean scrub fills the air. The juniper, myrtle, and not least, the helichrysum—the flower that more than any other represents the scent of Sardinia. The play of colours between the sand and the sea is to be experienced at all hours of the day, and framing the bay is the promontory of Punta Li Canneddi. A masterpiece painted with the most vivid and authentic colours you can imagine.

Red Coast: Cala Tinnari, a place that will leave you breathless

And for those who love walking on dirt paths, reach Cala Tinnari, a place that will leave you breathless and eager to bring out your camera. Or head to Li Cossi, following the trail marked by wooden railings. A very picturesque place, nestled between high cliffs that shelter it from the winds. If the shallow seabed is perfect for children’s games, offshore snorkelling enthusiasts will be amazed by the variety of flora and fauna that inhabits these waters.

Or, if you prefer to experience the sea even more intensely, a stand-up paddleboarding or kayaking excursion is the best way to discover the small inlets that characterize the Red Coast.

The Sea Paths, between the green and blue of the Red Coast

Isola Rossa, the village on the Gulf of Asinara

And what about Isola Rossa, a small fishing centre in the municipality of Trinità d’Agultu with its imposing Aragonese tower and unforgettable sunsets where the sun plunges into the sea every evening, tinting the air with endless shades of pink, orange, and violet. Located at a scenic spot, you can take a stroll along the seafront or enjoy a cool drink in one of the centre’s bars, perhaps after a refreshing dip at one of the two beaches overlooking the village, the New Beach and the Long Beach, Blue Flags since 2017. In front, a distant islet, also red. It is this latter that has given its name to the village of Isola Rossa.

Hotel Torreruja: the splendid view of the Aragonese tower, a timeless charm

Also worth discovering on a stroll is the Aragonese tower of Isola Rossa, which has towered over the sea for centuries. Dating back to the 1500s, it was built to control this stretch of sea from the invasions of the fearsome Saracen pirates. Clearly visible from the romantic Hotel Relax Torreruja Thalasso & SPA, the tower with its shades of red granite has a timeless charm.

What do you think? Have you already added the Red Coast to your list of places to visit? Whether you’re looking for adventure, relaxation, or simply beauty, here is a corner of paradise just waiting for you.

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