Green Delphina superhero at the P.E.A award

We are there on the podium at the P.E.A. Travel awards, the U.K.’s leading acknowledgment dedicated to companies committed to sustainable activities.

From North Sardinia to the green countryside around Bristol. Nature, organic food and staying overnight in comfortable glamping tents – this was the welcome that greeted our PR & Marketing Manager Tamara who flew to the UK for Delphina Hotels & Resort’s nomination at the P.E.A award, the leading award coveted by all those companies who build their business around sustainable activities.

An entertaining and colourful festival organized and created by Jarvis Smith, publisher, journalist, TV personality and singer-songwriter who was not only a member of the jury but also presenter of the event.

The only Italian company invited, Delphina hotels & resorts took part in the Valley Fest with great enthusiasm, along with a number of other companies involved in eco-friendly initiatives. Our hotel chain in Northern Sardinia won the P.E.A award for the travel category in the face of stiff competition from companies operating in the food, energy, transport and even artistic sectors.

Tamara proudly accepted the trophy and put on the superhero’s green cape as an appropriate metaphor for the efforts that Delphina has made and continues to make in order to respect nature and enhance the area.

As the father and organizer of the event Jarvis Smith commented “It’s a fine line between luxury tourism and sustainability, if you cross it you can lose credibility, revisits and fall with a thump. I have no doubt that the Delphina Hotel Group management team are the finest tight rope walkers in Italy.

Effectively the jury were convinced by the initiatives that we have been carrying out for years, not only in terms of environmental sustainability but also socially – a set of good practices and actions contained in the We Are Green® protocol.

These include first of all the use of 100% green energy from renewable sources since 2017 for all hotels, residences, villas and the headquarters in Palau. This is a significant achievement that can be added to a list of small but important everyday actions such as the use of electric vehicles for the movement of guests around hotels and resorts; the preference for indigenous plants and local species in the gardens that require less water; eco-friendly paraben-free products in the courtesy line and in SPAs; eco-label products for regular cleaning and hygiene procedures in the hotels; recycling; eco-friendly cellulose paper and mineral oil-free inks for printed publications and catalogues.

But Delphina’s green experience also extends to food. Genuine Local Food Oriented® is the Delphina brand that brings recipes from Mediterranean and Sardinian traditions to the table that are prepared with genuine preferably local ingredients. Among other activities, at the Resort Le Dune at Badesi children learn to grow things in the organic vegetable garden and can watch the free-range hens; everything that the earth provides ends up being used in the delicious dishes of the mini club restaurant.

But there is also the immaterial wealth of our territory, the culture, traditions and history that are part of a heritage that needs to be protected and for this reason we do not hesitate to promote excursions and cultural events and we are Corporate Golden Donors in support of FAI (Italian Heritage Trust) and the protection of the cultural and naturalistic heritage of the Bel Paese.

May the green force be with us and help us to make sustainable choices that may be a small (but important for us) contribution to the protection of our island, our sea and our traditions!

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