Trekking routes in Sardinia. Discover the North of the island starting from Delphina hotels and resorts

Here is a short guide to some of the coastline hiking trails to do in the North of Sardinia when you are on holiday.

Sardinia is one of the favourite destinations for hikers from all over the world thanks to its countless trekking itineraries immersed in unspoiled nature and wild landscapes.

Gallura offers a range of highly interesting excursions especially during Spring holidays and late summer months when the brightness of the colours, the intensity of the Mediterranean fragrances and the spirit of past times hovering between granite rocks and nuraghi all combine to provide stirring emotions.

The Delphina excursion office, always available to guests, offers some information on the most beautiful itineraries in Northern Sardinia as well as logistical support and equipment for those wishing to explore the area either with a guide or independently.

Coastline hiking trails to do in Northern Sardinia

  • Trails by the sea among the Costa Rossa granite: Marinedda – Tinnari
  • Excursions at Santa Teresa Gallura: Capo Testa – Valle della Luna
  • Hiking Punta Sardegna: Costa Serena – Cala di Trana (Batteria Talmone) – Porto Rafael
The Costa Rossa granite: Marinedda – Tinnari

Trails by the sea among the granite of the Costa Rossa: Marinedda – Tinnari

Wide-open solitary landscapes and characteristic red rocks overlooking the sea are the main attractions of this circular route that starts from the La Marinedda beach in front of the 5-star MarineddaThalasso & SPA hotel and which is also a fifteen minute walk from the Hotel Torreruja di Isola Rossa.

This is a medium-grade excursion which is breathtaking on account of the variety of the landscape and the particular nature of the granite rocks. At the start of the route is Punta Canneddi, a small granite promontory on the Gulf of Asinara from which you can enjoy a splendid panorama that goes as far as the Straits of Bonifacio. Continuing inland along dirt tracks you plunge into the countryside where with a little luck you will see specimens of wildlife such as foxes, hares and turtles. Heading back to the coast you arrive at the small beach at Tinnari, one of the most beautiful coves along the Costa Rossa.

Jagged outcrops and granite boulders shaped by the wind alternate with unusually shaped juniper bushes while the scent of helichrysum and rosemary fills the air. Between paths overlooking the sea and jagged rocks, the delightful and relaxing return journey passes by the small beach of Cala Rossa and continues to the bay at La Marinedda.

Santa Teresa Gallura, Capo Testa

Excursions in Santa Teresa Gallura: Capo Testa – Valle della Luna

One of the obligatory stages during a holiday in the North of Sardinia has to be the Capo Testa peninsula at Santa Teresa Gallura. The trekking trails in and around Capo Testa are fascinating and full of historical and botanical interest – places with a unique and unusual appeal that will bewitch hikers and outdoor enthusiasts alike.

The route starts from the Zia Culumba beach (Bandiera Blu – Blue Flag) at the end of which are the Colonne Romane or Roman Columns, an archaeological site where you can see the remains of mining operations during the period of Roman Imperial domination.

The route continues along paths by the sea and the granite rocks of Santa Teresa that have been smoothed by time down to the beautiful beach of Cala Spinosa with the Capo Testa lighthouse on the horizon. After a short swim, you will be drawn to the lighthouse, a magnetic place of great naturalistic importance and one of the most beautiful panoramic spots in Northern Sardinia.

But this trip to Capo Testa has some surprises in store! Following the coast, the path leads to the famous Valle della Luna and the Cala Grande beach where the mysticism and energy emanating from this place, still inhabited by members of the hippie community, will leave you speechless, transporting you into a dimension that is out of time.

Outdoor enthusiasts will also find the Valle dell’Erica Resort trails exciting. Guests at the 5-star Santa Teresa Gallura Resort can take an energetic walk along the nature trail a few steps from their room, an easy route surrounded by Mediterranean vegetation and dotted with granite formations.

Even hiking along the coast departing from the beach at La Licciola is much enjoyed by guests who are dedicated to outdoor activities. A unique view of the La Maddalena Archipelago accompanies the walk along the paths and among the granite boulders that gently slope down into the crystal clear waters.

Palau, Punta Sardegna: Costa Serena - Cala di Trana

Hiking Punta Sardegna: Costa Serena – Cala di Trana (Batteria Talmone)- Porto Rafael

If you are spending your holidays in Palau, just ten minutes from the Hotel Cala di Lepre and the Hotel Capo d’Orso Thalasso & SPA is the delightful Punta Sardegna trail.

You start your trip with a gentle climb to the summit of Punta Sardegna, a striking panoramic point from where you can admire the La Maddalena Archipelago. From here the path continues towards Porto Rafael, turning right at the roundabout. Once you have taken the dirt road, continue the path through the vegetation.

This route is full of interesting views that alternate with the granite boulders and slabs that slope down towards the sea and which will give you a pleasant and entertaining experience. During your walk, enjoy the strange shapes that the rocks have acquired over the millennia, often in the form of animals or odd outlines. Once you reach the white beach of Cala di Trana it’s time for a refreshing swim!

From here the more energetic can choose between following the path to the Talmone Battery, a military fortress recently renovated by the FAI, or continuing on the path that leads to Costa Serena. The itinerary ends in the picturesque village of Porto Rafael, where you can relax while sitting at a cafe.

And for those who want to discover the hinterland, the Delphina excursions office offers the trekking degli stazzi, a number of routes that explore the typical old dwellings of the Gallura area, immersed in the countryside among woods of cork oak trees and vineyards.

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