The Little Mermaid: a film tribute to the beauty of northern Sardinia

The enchanted kingdom of The Little Mermaid comes alive along the coast of Gallura. Discover the iconic set locations and spend a holiday following the trail of Walt Disney’s live-action adaptation.

The coastal landscapes of Gallura served as an inspiration and the perfect backdrop to bring Ariel’s magical kingdom to life on screen: “The water is the bluest, the rocks are the most beautiful I’ve ever seen. We found Sardinia in our dreams before we even got there,” said John Myhre, the screenwriter of the blockbuster Walt Disney film, explaining what guided them in choosing the location.

“It was crucial to find a location capable of delivering the epic drama the story requires,” explained director Rob Marshall. “Sardinia had it all: crystal-clear waters, dramatic coastlines, steep cliffs, fortresses, expansive beaches, and rural roads.”

The colourful, magical world distinctive of the famed Disney animated film comes alive along the stretch of coast between Capo Testa and Castelsardo, renowned for the variety of landscapes and for the still untamed allure of its coast featuring Caribbean-like beaches, cliffs, and secluded bays. An extraordinary chromatic variety with crystal-clear waters ranging from the lightest turquoise to deep blue, creating a perfect contrast with the pink granite rocks overlooking the sea. An unforgettable visual experience for audiences around the world.

the stretch of coast between Capo Testa and Castelsardo

Iconic locations from the live-action film The Little Mermaid

Not to be missed are the scenes shot in Santa Teresa Gallura, amongst the large granite boulders of the Capo Testa peninsula, stretching to the rugged coast of Rena di Matteu in the municipality of Aglientu, where the carriage chase scenes with Ariel and Eric were filmed. Then there’s Castelsardo, which provided the ideal setting for Eric’s castle, all the way to the beach of Rena Majore in Aglientu, chosen as the location for Ariel’s beach. It is here that the iconic scenes were filmed in which Ariel rescues Eric and emerges from the water to climb onto the rock.
“It was a true pleasure to go to Sardinia,” says lead actress Halle Bailey, “we had come from three months of shooting in London, and it felt like the most wonderful thing in the world. Filming in Sardinia was a dream for all of us,” adds Javier Bardem, who portrays Triton, Ariel’s father, in the film.

The stretch of coast between Capo Testa and Castelsardo

If you’re lovers of cinema and nature, the northern coast of Sardinia is a destination not to be missed. You can immerse yourself in the same beauty that inspired the producers of The Little Mermaid and personally discover the charm of this magical place. Sardinia awaits you, ready to enchant you with its timeless wonders.
With hotels and resorts along the picturesque northern coast of Sardinia, Delphina creates a unique experience inspired by the magical world of The Little Mermaid, offering a range of themed activities to fully immerse guests in a realm filled with wonders.

Wellness treatments born from the sea

Designed to restore well-being and beauty through elements from Ariel’s world, the “Le Thermae” Centre at Resort Valle dell’Erica and the “L’Elicriso” Centre at Hotel Marinedda, offer wellness programmes “The Little Mermaid Signature” and “On the Trail of the Little Mermaid”. The first is intended to explore the fantastic marine world through an enveloping embrace of seawater in a muscle-relaxing water therapy treatment. This is followed by a face-rejuvenating Sardinian Lift treatment and a body exfoliation with sea salt and marine mud, culminating in a massage using warm sandbags and the precious essences of Gallura. The second is designed to start the day with a refreshing dip in the crystal-clear sea waters with gentle exercise, followed by a revitalising scrub and massage featuring the scents of the island’s native plants.

thalassotherapy pools at L'Elicriso Centre at Hotel Marinedda

Boat excursion departing from Resort Valle dell’Erica

For those wishing to immerse themselves in Ariel’s magical realm and explore the azure waters and distinctive coastal stretches featured in the new Disney film, Resort Valle dell’Erica offers an entire day aboard a brand-new Maxi RIB, an adventure worthy of Captain Eric, departing directly from the resort. Along the journey, you’ll have the opportunity to visit iconic film locations such as Capo Testa, Ariel’s beach at Rena Majori, the Little Mermaid’s rock at Rena di Matteu, and the castle at Monti Russu.

immerse in Ariel's magical kingdom and explore the azure waters of northern Sardinia

The magic of The Little Mermaid for children

The young guests of the Mini Club at Resort Valle dell’Erica will have the chance to witness a mermaid “in the flesh” emerging from the sea right before their eyes, decorate biscuits shaped like mermaid tails, and participate in songs and dances with Triton and the Little Mermaid. There are also plenty of themed activities, including games, nail painting, dressing-up and accessories inspired by Ariel, all accompanied by the entertainers. At the Resort & SPA Le Dune, which has been awarded Italy’s best beach resort for three consecutive years at the World Travel Awards, it’s possible to watch the show “The Little Mermaid 2.0″. The story follows a mermaid named Delfina, who is willing to do whatever it takes to save the oceans from increasingly polluting plastics and the cruel misdeeds of Calypso, in collusion with humans who enjoy flooding the ocean’s blue with black oil and suffocating pollutants. It is a compelling and modern show, bearing a significant message to raise awareness, through theatre, about the issues concerning environmental respect and protection.

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