Let yourself be reborn with thalassotherapy from the sea in Sardinia

Delphina SPAs, the oases of relaxation and wellbeing in the North of Sardinia where you will find the perfect balance between body and soul

Just a swim, a walk on a wet beach or a light “scrub” with sand is all it takes to understand how wellbeing can come from the sea. But as the ancient Greeks teach, its power goes much further: thalassotherapy, from the word thalassa which means sea, is the expression of all the benefits that the God Poseidon can have on our figure, balance and mood.

Beauty on holiday

Many people now choose a holiday in a hotel with a SPA for getting back into shape and thalassotherapy centres are among the favourites, given the proximity to the sea and even more so if the water is the crystalline sea of Sardinia. If May and June are the most popular months to indulge in a wellness weekend and rejuvenate after the long stressful winter months, many people choose to increase their energy now with thalasso courses so they are ready to face the arrival of the coldest months.

September is ideal for a last break in a thalassotherapy centre in Sardinia so you can go back to work more energized than ever. With 4 prestigious Thalasso & SPA centres all in the North of Sardinia, Delphina hotels and resorts are specialists in wellness that comes from the sea. In these oases where relaxation meets nature, the marine environment is reproduced in pools heated to different temperatures, from the coldest to the hottest, and featuring waterjets and whirlpools of variable intensity as well as in a wide range of treatments offered in the elegant cabins in the Thalasso & SPA centres.

What are the benefits for our bodies of a Thalasso course?

Passing through the multi-function pools is a real tonic for the venous circulation, assisting the elimination of toxins and the correct stimulation of the respiratory process. With a two, three or six day programme there is an improvement in the oxygenation of the blood and the muscular capacity thereby toning the tissues.

But it’s not just sea water! The climate and other elements of the marine world such as algae or seaweed which is rich in calcium, phosphorus and magnesium are used for the treatments. These reinforce the results of thalassotherapy and help the drainage of liquids as well as working to reduce cellulite. Then there are mud therapy treatments which also relieve rheumatic pain and joint inflammation, while sand is a natural exfoliant for dead skin cells.

As well as thalassotherapy being therapeutic and revitalizing, it also has positive effects on mood and inner harmony. The micro-organisms contained in sea water have an important anti-stress effect and restore the balance between body and soul.

Wellness rituals

The wellness experience in the Delphina thalasso centres starts with the breathtaking locations in Northern Sardinia where the 4 and 5 star hotels and resorts are to be found. From the stretch of coast that faces out over the La Maddalena Archipelago to the Costa Rossa, still so fascinating and wild, the SPAs offer unique atmospheres, especially in low season when diving into warm water is even more delightful.

At the Hotel Capo d’Orso in Palau, two swimming pools and a Jacuzzi overlook the Costa Smeralda sea but the real gift for body and soul is the open air massage surrounded by the colours and scents of the Mediterranean. At the Valle dell’Erica Resort the imposing granite rocks and the nature surrounding the Le Thermae Thalasso & SPA Centre are instead able to transport you immediately into a dimension of complete peace and tranquillity. An Eden among flowers and waterfalls where the island of Spargi is clearly visible on the horizon.

To the West the 5-star Hotel Marinedda Thalasso & SPA offers 2,500 square metres of relaxation and charm among multi-function pools and indoor cabins. Before each thalasso treatment, you should take a break in the hammam overlooking the bay: your skin will become more receptive to the treatments as you admire the suggestive panorama.

The Venere Thalasso Centre & SPA is the jewel in the crown of the romantic Hotel Relax Torreruja. The perfect dimension for couples looking for privacy and well-being, where they can both be cosseted and pampered by the benefits of the sea together with their partner.

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