It’s time for a Get-Back-in-Shape retreat in North Sardinia with Thalassotherapy

In May and June, treat yourself to a wellness and beauty holiday at one of the Delphina hotels with a Thalasso & SPA centre.

Today, I want to take you on a special journey, directly to the crystal-clear waters of Sardinia, where the sea not only bathes beaches and hidden coves but rejuvenates soul and body. We’re talking about thalassotherapy, that ancient practice that uses elements from the marine environment to regain wellness and physical shape, available at Delphina hotels with a Thalasso & SPA centre. And what better time to indulge in it than in May and June with a get-back-in-shape retreat before the summer?

It's time for a get-back-in-shape retreat in North Sardinia with thalassotherapy

Imagine yourself immersed between the green of the Mediterranean scrub and the blue of the waters of North Sardinia enveloping you in pools of heated seawater, perhaps at Hotel Marinedda which, with 2500 sqm dedicated to wellbeing, is among the best SPA destinations in the world according to the prestigious magazine Condé Nast Traveller UK.

The benefits of thalassotherapy

But, let’s start from the beginning. Why thalassotherapy? Because the sea is capable of awakening the body, improving circulation, promoting the elimination of toxins, and toning tissues, with programs that can range from a couple of days to a week. And that’s not all: seaweed, marine mud, and jets of seawater become protagonists of treatments that combat cellulite, rheumatic pains, and stress, returning vigour to the body and serenity to the mind. The Delphina Thalasso centres adhere to international protocols on thalassotherapy, continuously drawing seawater for the pools and treatments.

It's time for a get-back-in-shape retreat in North Sardinia with thalassotherapy

Wellbeing is multiplied thanks to unique locations surrounding the Thalasso & SPA centres; where the landscape of North Sardinia forms the backdrop to treatments that are true rituals of beauty and health. Whether it’s the wild charm of the Costa Rossa or the view of the La Maddalena Archipelago, here wellbeing starts with the eyes.

The get-back-in-shape retreat at Delphina SPA and Thalasso centres

And for those looking for something special, discover the list of treatments and Sardinian Signature rituals, inspired by the nature of Sardinia and available in all SPA and Thalasso centres of Delphina. Or try exclusive experiences like outdoor massages amongst the scents of the Mediterranean scrub during your holiday at Hotel Capo d’Orso or Resort Valle dell’Erica.

It's time for a get-back-in-shape retreat in North Sardinia with thalassotherapy

Those more into sports can combine Thalasso paths with walks in the greenery of Park Hotel Cala di Lepre, while Hotel Relax Torreruja is perfect for couples seeking intimacy. The elegant couple’s massage cabin with Jacuzzi for two will offer romantic moments of pleasure with your loved one. Or choose the Le Sabine centre of Resort & SPA Le Dune, nestled among sand dunes and ancient junipers. A secluded oasis to enjoy peace and relaxation while the children have fun and make friends with sports activities and outdoor games.

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