Resort Valle dell’Erica comes top at World Travel Awards 2019

The Santa Teresa Gallura 5 star Resort, part of the Delphina hotels & resorts group is “Europe’s Leading Green Resort” at the International Tourism Oscar awards

Announced during the World Travel Awards gala evening held on June 10th in Madeira, the most coveted awards in the world of travel went to the Resort Valle dell’Erica as “Europe’s Leading Green Resort”.

Being on the stage of the Belmond Reid Palace was a source of great pride for us, not only because the Valle dell’Erica Resort has distinguished itself as the most “sustainable” hotel on the continent but also because this award represents a tremendous achievement for all of us at Delphina, committed as we have been for years to increasing investments in the field of sustainability.

The Resort Valle dell’Erica comes top at the World Travel Awards

The Valle del Erica award for the best green resort in Europe at the World Travel Awards confirms that the path taken in working to support the preservation of the planet is the right one and that the green direction taken by Delphina for more than 25 years has been the correct choice, since the president Francesco Muntoni built the hotels, thinking of single storey low-rise buildings that fit perfectly into the surrounding landscape.

“I remember that right back when the original building company was set up in the 1970s, my brother Francesco and his partner Tore Peru were determined to make sure that every single building fitted seamlessly into the surrounding natural setting as though it had always been there” said Delphina CEO Marco Muntoni.

“This meant doing meticulous work to safeguard each individual tree and bush, use local stone and materials and keep building heights low, rigorously tested in advance with wooden and cane forms. In the decades that followed we have always enthusiastically followed this “visionary” sustainability direction, not only in new structures but also in the management of current Delphina hotels and resorts.”

With reference to Europe’s leading Green Resort he says “Today this award is a splendid recognition of the lifetime’s work of the two founders. We would also like to dedicate this award to all the top class people who have contributed to this success and to the memory of Popò Vincentelli, a pioneer of Sardinian tourism whose foresight and environmental sensitivity led him to build the first part of the Valle dell’Erica tourist complex during the 1950s.”

The 5-star Santa Teresa Gallura structure, considered a dream resort on account of the natural paradise in which it is located (facing the La Maddalena Archipelago and the Straits of Bonifacio) has always represented a close relationship with nature: set in a 28 hectare private park, it promotes biodiversity through the choice of native local plants and trees which require less water, while within the resort only electric vehicles are used which can be recharged on site.

This passion for the environment at the Resort Valle dell’Erica is represented by the We are green® protocol, the brand created and registered by Delphina that comprises the series of sustainable actions carried out in all the hotels. Forward-looking choices such as the exclusive use of 100% green energy from renewable sources are combined with good practices such as the use of Eco-Bio and Paraben-free beauty and courtesy line products, Ecolabel products for normal cleaning, not to mention biodegradable straws while the ingredients used in the kitchen are preferably 0 kms and seasonal in compliance with the Genuine Local Food Oriented® programme. Another big step forward was the removal of disposable plastic items and the gradual phasing out of plastic bottles in favour of returnable glass bottles.

Social responsibility and support for the area is also important and can be seen through the choice of items produced by Sardinian companies for furnishing and décor and the promotion of cultural events and excursions that raise awareness of the nature, history and archaeology of the island of Sardinia.

With the Santa Teresa structure nominated as Europe’s leading Green Resort, guests have an extra guarantee of spending eco-friendly holidays in the sure knowledge that their stay with its eco-friendly soul will have less impact on the environment.

The Resort Valle dell’Erica’s World Travel Award joins the 2018 P.E.A. Award received by Delphina, an international recognition presented in Bristol that rewards people and companies that pioneer sustainable and eco-friendly initiatives.

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