Delphina Safe Holiday Protocol

Safe hospitality is our priority

Following World Health Organization guidelines, Italian government regulations and the Regional Conference since 09.06.20 we have implemented a security plan for all our hotels, resorts, residences and villas. This plan is summarised in the following pages.

Some services listed in this document are not present in all Delphina structures.

This document will be updated taking into account the end of the State of Emergency, new Government and Regional regulations, as well as directives issued following the meeting between Representatives of the Government, INAIL and Social Groups held on 04/05/22.


  • The private transfer service booked through Delphina will be carried out in compliance with current regulations. Every driver will be provided with PPE (personal protective equipment) and the vehicle will be sanitized before each service.
  • Luggage will be transferred on disinfected vehicles and delivered to the room.
  • Reception: safety distances will be constantly guaranteed as well as the correct cleaning and disinfecting of surfaces. Physical barriers or spacers will also be placed to ensure mutual protection between guests and staff. Alternatively, staff and guests must wear personal protective equipment (PPE).

Medical service

A medical service will be available on site guaranteeing support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Support for Anti-Covid-19 Measures

There is a medical support point staffed by health workers, able to help and give guests information about behaviour and containment measures regarding the Covid-19 virus. In cases requiring assistance, all the health workers are in communication with the Health Safety System. The activity is coordinated and carried out by Croce Azzurra Cadorago – ANPAS.

Staff training

All staff members will be trained up on current legislation and the “Delphina Safe Holiday” protocol before entering service. They will then be followed by a team of experts with assistance from the medical centre.
External staff will comply with specific regulations and will be trained by partner companies who will follow our protocol directives to the letter.


Clear and comprehensive information regarding the prevention measures undertaken will be available in all communal areas, in a form that will also be understandable for guests from other countries.

Sanitization and disinfection

  • Procedures for frequent cleaning and disinfection will be implemented in all spaces and rooms using surgical standard medical devices. Particular attention will be paid to those surfaces that are most frequently touched.
  • Rooms: cleaning and disinfecting of rooms will be carried out with surgical standard medical devices with particular attention paid to objects and surfaces such as floors, desk and table tops, switches, taps, remote controls, telephones and handles etc. Linen, towels and beach towels will be cleaned and sanitized with certified washing procedures and daily cleaning staff will use PPE to ensure maximum safety.
  • Dispensers in special totems providing disinfectant gel will be available at the entrance
    of all communal areas.

Swimming pools and beaches

  • Disinfection with specific Ecolabel products will be guaranteed daily for walkways and paths and for sun-loungers every time there is a change of guest.
  • Sun-loungers and umbrellas will be spaced according to current regulations (minimum 10 m2 per umbrella).
  • Frequent daily checks will be carried out in swimming pools to check the water parameters and chlorine levels. Periodic chemical-microbiological laboratory analyses will also be carried out.


  • Ventilation is constant because all gyms are outdoors.
  • Access will be allowed after a booking has been made to ensure safe distances are respected.
  • Machinery and equipment will be cleaned and disinfected after each session ends.
  • Clothing and personal items must be stored in each guest’s personal bag.


Adequate training will be provided regarding all prevention and safety measures for staff, parents, carers and children. Appropriate signs with pictograms suitable for young guests will be available.
Open areas for all play and play/educational activities will be set aside.
Staff responsible for monitoring, entertainment and carrying out of activities will be subjected to daily temperature measurements. Checks on personnel will be carried out and assessed based on the development of regulations regarding testing.

Bottle preparation areas

This service will be guaranteed following bookings by guests and our staff will prepare the baby food requested. Self-service mode and access to preparation areas will not be possible.
Strict checks, cleaning/disinfection and the use of PPE by employees will be guaranteed.

Baby, mini and teen club

  • For children aged 0-3 years of age, no activities will be available. Is avaible a private babysitting service by appointment.
  • From the age of 4, various recreational and sports activities are planned, according to the needs of the various different age ranges and in compliance with legal requirements.
  • Daily temperature checks will be carried out on staff, children and parents/accompanying adults. In the event of a child or parent/accompanying adult having a high temperature, the child will not be allowed to use the facilities/services available.
  • Activities will be organized according to age and divided into small groups.
  • The make-up of groups of children will be as regular as possible over time and overlapping activities between different groups will be avoided. Staff will be organized so as to take care of the same groups of children.
  • Access to the clubs will be organized in shifts, to be booked within the facility as suggested in the guidelines and regulations.

Play areas for children

  • Suitable and comprehensive information will be prepared regarding all the preventive measures to be adopted for accompanying adults, parents and staff. This information will also be understandable for guests from other countries.
  • Signs with pictograms will be available making the safety rules for the correct use of the areas comprehensible to children.
  • Spaces will be reorganized to ensure that at least one metre of separation is maintained between guests who do not belong to the same family unit.
  • Protective masks must be used by parents, accompanying adults, staff and children over 6 years of age.
  • Dispensers providing a hydroalcoholic solution for hand hygiene will be made available at the access and exit points of the play areas.
  • Thorough daily cleaning with neutral detergents as required by current regulations will be guaranteed. The most frequently touched surfaces will be regularly disinfected.

Restaurants and bars

  • Suitable and comprehensive information about prevention measures will be prepared through specific infographics which will explain acceptable behaviour and how the facilities are to be used in an easily understandable way for all guests.
  • In accordance with current legislation requirements, table service and attended buffets will be provided so as to avoid guests serving themselves. In addition, the maintaining of distances of at least one metre will be guaranteed.
  • Hand sanitizing gel dispensers will be available when entering and leaving the room.
  • The management may request that access to restaurants and bars is regulated through the use of shifts and/or bookings during the stay in order to guarantee correct and controlled use of the facilities.
  • Preference will be given to outdoor and well ventilated spaces.
  • Tables and seats will be arranged so that the correct distancing as required by specific catering regulations is amply guaranteed.
  • Serving staff in contact with guests will constantly use masks and will ensure frequent hand cleansing using hydroalcoholic solutions before serving at each table.
  • Cash payments will be avoided and room charges or other payments will be processed
    using the hotel smart card.

  • Guests will be required to use masks every time they get up from their table.
  • At the end of each service, cleaning and disinfection will be carried out with surgical standard medical devices.
  • The reading of menus will ideally take place through guests using their own electronic devices or through the use of printed paper menus that will be discarded after use.

Thalasso & Spa Centres

General indications

  • Specific training will be provided for all staff.
  • Suitable awareness signs and information regarding prevention measures will be prepared and available for guests in various languages. There will be specific pathways to follow that will allow distances to be maintained even in transit areas.
  • Access to the centre will be by appointment only.
  • Cleaning and disinfection will be performed using surgical standard medical devices with
    particular attention paid to the most frequently touched surfaces.

  • In compliance with the requirements of current legislation regarding wellness centres and thermal treatment structures, a register of attendance will be kept for 14 days. This register will be used in strict compliance with regulations regarding privacy.
  • Suitable dispensers providing hydroalcoholic solutions for hand cleansing will be available at all the access and exit points and all other specific sensitive areas.
  • Staff will be constantly provided with masks in the presence of customers and should this not be possible a safe distance of at least one metre from colleagues will be maintained.
  • The dedicated reception area may be equipped with screens or spacers for the mutual protection of both guests and staff.
  • Guests must use masks in the transit and waiting areas and in all communal indoor areas.
  • In the changing rooms and communal areas of the centre, clothes and personal effects
    must be placed inside the guest’s personal bag.

  • All equipment (chairs, deck chairs and sun-loungers) and access to and from them will be organised so as to guarantee the necessary distance between people as required by law.
  • All equipment will be disinfected as each guest finishes and at the end of the day.
  • The ambient air will be frequently changed in all closed environments such as treatment cabins, the reception area and cardio-fitness gyms, and where air conditioning systems are present, specific cleaning, maintenance and calibration checks will be carried out in accordance with current legislation.
  • Current legislation forbids access to saunas and Turkish baths.

Individual health treatment

  • When the type of treatment involves distances of less than one metre, the staff member will be equipped with reinforced PPE.
  • In order to carry out massages, the staff member must carefully wash and disinfect hands and forearms and take special precautions.
  • Between one treatment and the next, the rooms must be aerated. In addition both surfaces and rooms must be cleaned and disinfected correctly with particular attention to those areas most frequently touched.
  • Guests must use masks during treatments and ensure proper hand hygiene before entering and leaving the room at the end of the treatment.

Thalasso & Spa pools

  • The swimming pools at the centres are located in external areas, therefore abundant ventilation is guaranteed.
  • An entry quota plan will be provided.
  • Routes will be provided to encourage proper circulation in the external areas and to guarantee a distance of 1 metre between guests and staff.
  • Frequent daily checks will be carried out in the pools to check the state of the water parameters. Periodic chemical-microbiological laboratory analyzes will also be carried out.

Delphina S.p.A. reserves the right to modify this document and update it on the basis of the latest changes to regulations.

Last update 18.05.22