Experiencing Nature

Sardinia – history and tradition.

Genuine hospitality in unique settings.
The splendid island of Sardegna, a wonderland to be explored and experienced: the villages of the hinterland, with their historical churches and squares, craft workshops, ceramics decorated with skill and the beaches and islands of the Sardinian-Corsican Archipelago.

Every day, embark on a new adventure with our excursionstrips on foot, on horseback, by bus, four-wheel drive or with one of the Delphina boats that will take you to some of the most breathtakingly beautiful beaches on the Mediterranean.
The North of Sardinia is also home to mysterious monoliths, and imposing nuraghi, mute testimonies to the ancient civilizations who lived in these mysterious and fascinating places.

Delphina is proud of the treasures of its land and offers you the chance to experience every aspect, from the sea to the interior.


All the Delphina resorts are staffed with personnel able to take you on exciting trips by road or by sea.
Either with your own car, or thanks to our excursions, you can reach the most famous sites whether inland or on the islands that you could only dream of up to now.