The Excursions

In between a day on the beach and one at the pool, why not set aside time to discover the beauty of coast and interior, the history of this fascinating island.

From the Resort either with your own vehicle or with our organised excursions you can reach localities which we recommend you visit in one or two days.

PROGRAM NOT YET UPDATED TO 2021. Some activities may not be available.

Full day

The La Maddalena Archipelago

After having arrived by coach at the port of Santa Teresa Gallura we embark on a tour of some of the most beautiful islands in the north of Sardinia with a spacious and comfortable motor boat which will take us on one of two different routes around the La Maddalena Archipelago.

The first itinerary includes a stop at the beach of the island of Santa Maria and a delicious lunch on board. In the afternoon, after a swim in the crystal-clear waters of the island of Spargi and a visit to the lovely little shops on La Maddalena we return to Santa Teresa Gallura.

Alternatively it is possible to visit the Archipelago with a stop at Baja Sardinia and then on to the town of La Maddalena.

Qualified staff from the excursion department will be available throughout the trip.

Mini-cruise to Bonifacio and the Corsican Archipelago

For those wishing to visit a selection of the most interesting corners of the Sardinian and Corsican Archipelago, we offer a mini-cruise with our fast motorboats. These are exclusive excursions for a restricted number of participants; the maximum is12 guests per boat.

Crossing the Straits of Bonifacio is always exciting, and often made more so by the chance of seeing dolphins, whales and other examples of marine life.

Our Corsican excursion starts from the port at Isola Rossa, and goes along the North Gallura coast as far as Capo Testa, where we cross the Straits and arrive at the characteristic small town of Bonifacio for a pleasant visit around the historic old centre.

From here we set sail once more along the south east coast of Capo Pertusato, passing below the high limestone cliffs to arrive at Punta Sperone and the spectacular stretch of sand at Isola Piana for our first swim stop; after a tasty lunch prepared by the Resort we head off towards the island of Lavezzi where we disembark near the beach for a pleasant walk around the island, or to discover the delightful sea bottom, or simply to relax on the sandy shore.

In the late afternoon, after a snack prepared by the crew, we return to the Resort.

Instead the trip around the La Maddalena Archipelago (National Park) includes a swim stop in the enchanting waters between the islands Budelli, Razzoli and Santa Maria, a visit to the town of La Maddalena and a third stop for a swim on the pure white sand of Spargi. This tour gives you the opportunity to enjoy in just one day some of the most beautiful parts of what has been described as the most transparent Archipelago in the world.

Deep sea fishing in Sardinia and Corsica

Sports fishing enthusiasts can take part in our exciting coastal and deep sea fishing excursions, and enjoy a variety of styles, including drifting, trolling, deep water and surface “bolentino”; prestigious boats and expert skippers guarantee a high level made-to-measure service. These excursions are all inclusive, and are a real adventure on the high seas both for professionals and beginners alike, with top quality equipment and an expert crew able to adapt to the different technical levels of our guests.

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There is a discount of 10% if you purchase this trip when you book your holiday.

Boat Charter

A prestigious fleet of craft is available at the harbour at Isola Rossa, where expert skippers will accompany you along the most hidden coastlines and bays to guarantee you an exclusive and unforgettable excursion.

Attentive and careful service on board, personalized menu (when you book), delicious champagne aperitifs and endless dives into the purest crystal clear waters of Northern Sardinia. Without doubt this is the most exclusive way to enjoy this fabulous sea.

There is a discount of 10% if you purchase this trip when you book your holiday. Ask for more information!

Fuel not included.

Costa Smeralda

After having travelled through the Gallura hinterland and stopped off in the astonishing Valle Della

Luna at Aggius and the little village of Luogosanto we reach the Costa Smeralda and its capital Porto Cervo.

Once having visited the famous “gossip square” and looked around its exclusive little streets, we continue towards Cannigione where we stop for lunch at the Resort Cala di Falco.

In the afternoon we carry on to Baia Sardinia where it is possible to visit the little centre and have an invigorating swim. At about 16.00 we set off on the return journey, following the coast road which gives us the chance to admire the famous Roccia dell’Orso and the evocative panoramic road that dominates the La Maddalena Archipelago.

Qualified staff from the excursion department will be available throughout the trip.

Outdoor services.

Kayak and Stand Up Paddle: an incomparable and delightful experience which allows you to fully appreciate the beauty for which the island of Sardinia is known world-wide. This is how to enjoy the sea in both an intense and above all silent way, with a form of transport that allows you to stop and swim whenever you want, and explore long stretches of coastline that are otherwise inaccessible, as well as little corners of incomparable beauty.

Trekking in Gallura: both the silence and the scents of the Mediterranean scrub are the visitor’s companions during our treks, authentic experiences of total immersion in the natural world

n choosing our routes, great attention has been paid to seeking out breathtaking views, natural monuments, and elements of geological, floral, wildlife and historic interest, perfect occasions for slowing down and finding out more about natural and archaeological topics, thanks to our expert guides and sector specialists, always with an eye on the local characteristics and distinctive features of Sardinia.

Mountain biking in Gallura: our mountain bike trips follow roads that have little or no traffic and have a delightful and varied setting, consisting of a combination of panoramic dirt roads, pleasant single track roads, gentle ascents, fast descents, and steep bends that never seem to repeat themselves. These are wonderful excursions where the effort put in is amply repaid by the frequent possibility of seeing wild animals, admiring rare species of plants, and visiting archaeological sites and appreciating natural wonders.

Horse riding

The little stables at the Resort & SPA Le Dune has been established for horse riding enthusiasts; it is the ideal opportunity to experience the emotion felt when going for a ride on horseback at sunset, accompanied by our expert instructors in one of the most evocative natural settings created just for you.

For safety reasons children under the age of 3 are not permitted to go on the boat trips.

Half day

Mini Tour of the coast

For those who want to spend just half a day exploring the spectacular Sardinian coast and return to the Resort in time for the rich buffet and the afternoon nap, we suggest the Mini Tour of the islands. This excursion follows some of the most attractive routes in the North of Sardinia, with the option, sea conditions permitting of visiting the coastline between the rosy pink fjords of Punta li Canneddi, the fantastic Costa Paradiso and the enchanting bay at Tinnari.

The trip is broken up by two or three stops at some of the most attractive and least visited areas of the coast for a short swimming stop directly from our comfortable boat.

Shopping at Castelsardo

It is possible to visit the enchanting mediaeval town of Castelsardo on our guided half day tour.

This trip includes a walk up to the historic old part of the town and the chance to visit the Church of Santa Maria and the cathedral of Sant’Antonio Abate.

Once the guided part of the tour is over, there is time to do some shopping in the extensive stores dedicated to Sardinian arts and crafts where you can buy souvenirs, typical Sardinian products or just relax and enjoy an ice-cream.

During the return journey there will be a stop for photos at the panoramic Roccia dell’Elefante and the chance to visit a good example of a Neolithic burial chamber, known as the Domus de Janas (House of the Fairies).

Sea Safari

The Sardinian coast line is particularly rich in marine flora and fauna. For those who are curious and who want to admire the crystalline sea beds of the Gallura waters with mask and snorkel we suggest taking the Sea Safari, an entertaining guided trip which in addition to observing the marine eco-system also gives you the chance to see dolphins and other examples of marine life. This half-day excursion makes use of a fully equipped boat and takes in Isola Rossa, Tinnari and Costa Paradiso with at least two stops for swims.

Children must be accompanied by at least one parent.

Tour of Gallura

The hinterland of the higher stretches of Gallura represents a wonderful resource for the north of Sardinia, a tableau of well-preserved and maintained traditions in a rich natural environment. On this excursion we offer a particularly attractive route which goes from the Resort to the slopes of Monte Limbara passing over gentle hills covered in natural granite sculptures created by the Mistral wind. During our first stop, we will visit the Nuraghe Majori, a highly interesting archaeological site at the entrance to the town of Tempio Pausania, after which we will take a stroll through the little streets of the centre and visit the stone churches that date back to the 17th Century, the period of Spanish domination. A few kilometres from Tempio Pausania is Aggius, a charming small town set in lush green natural vegetation. Aggius is also an open window onto the Gallura of the 19th century and the culture of the “stazzi” (the typical small peasants’houses), and it is here that we find the best and most comprehensive ethnographic museum on the island. Inside as well as the exhibits there is also a weaving workshop where it is possible to see women from the town working at their looms to create the precious local carpets that still follow ancient traditions. The day ends with a visit to the only Banditry Museum in Italy, another important point of local interest.

During the trip a tasting session of local products is planned in the charming Valle della Luna.

The trip lasts about 6 hours.

For safety reasons children under the age of 3 are not permitted to go on the boat trips.