Thalasso and SPA treatments at the hotel

The main Thalasso and SPA treatments at the hotel

At the “Elicriso” Thalasso Wellness Centre & SPA you can enjoy moments of wellbeing and magic thanks to the wide range of programmes and treatments available.

Thalassotherapy, Mud therapy and seaweed therapy

3 natural methods that exploit the beneficial properties and infinite richness of the marine world so as to harmoniously revitalize your body and spirit. Water, mud and seaweed have a re-mineralizing and revitalizing effect on the body, purifying the skin and giving it freshness and elasticity. The mud is rich in trace elements, mineral salts and vitamins which are all essential remedies in the treatment of facial and body blemishes. Seaweed has the benefit of lowering cholesterol, while containing protein integrators and antioxidants and can help to regulate the metabolism.


This treatment, which is ideal for the oxygenation of tissues and stimulation of blood circulation can be personalized as required thanks to the addition of essential oils, mineral salts and micronized seaweed.

In addition to programmes for the body you can follow specific sessions for facial treatments: rebalancing and rehydrating masks are perfect for deep cleansing of the facial skin leaving it soft and smooth.

The staff at the Wellness centre will be happy to give you details of these and many other treatments. Now you just have to come and see us to enjoy these magic sensations.