Palau, a cozy coastal town on the sea of northern Sardinia

Palau, a cozy little town on the North Sea Sardinia, facing the Archipelago of La Maddalena in which the atmosphere is buzzy and solar.


The Residence il Mirto, the Hotel Capo d’Orso and the Hotel Cala di Lepre fit perfectly into the natural setting of the Capo d’Orso promontory, facing the Costa Smeralda and the la Maddalena Archipelago, just a few kilometres from Palau, an important Gallura port and tourist centre.

As an independent town since 1959, Palau has enjoyed extraordinary success in the sphere of international tourism thanks to its coastlines that have been artistically modeled and formed by Nature, so much so that they seem to evoke surreal images that are found nowhere else in the world, like for example the giant stone bear that dominates the territory from its position of thousands of years of immobility.

Other spectacular landscapes and scenery can be found in the direction of Porto Liscia, Porto Pollo, Cala di Trana and Punta Sardegna, with its marvellous little bays of fine white sand and blue-green sea, and going South in the direction of the Gulf of Arzachena towards the Costa Smeralda.

From Palau it is possible to book guided visits around the fantastic La Maddalena Archipelago, Porto Raphael or to discover the archaeological and historical beauties of Sardinia: from the Nuraghi to the Military Forts of the 19th Century, passing over the Tombs of the Giants and the temples of the Nuraghic villages.

The town itself, with its attractive tourist port, is made more appealing by the numerous crafts shop windows and displays, the excellent small restaurants, the goldsmith’s studios and the nightclubs and bars which offer live music.


An aperitif on the modern terrace of the Upper Lounge bar overlooking the archipelago is highly recommended, as well as a romantic walk down to the arts and crafts market.