Safe holiday Cancellation Policy

Cancellation policy

  • Cancellation up to 8 days before arrival, no forfeit and refund of the amount already paid *.
  • From 7 days to 4 days before: forfeit of 30% of the cost of the stay
  • From 3 days to a day before: forfeit of 60% of the cost of the stay
  • No show or early departure: forfeit of 90% of the cost of the stay

These cancellation conditions are valid for all new stay only bookings.

In cases of cancellation within 8 days caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, no forfeit will be applied and the amount of the stay will be refunded with a voucher.

* Some styles of accommodation and villas are subject to a different cancellation policy with penalties/forfeits agreed during the booking phase.

Last updated 11.06.20