Sardinia is a splendid and ancient land with internationally famous tourist locations and stretches of unspoilt and mysterious nature. It is exactly here that we decided to create or hotels and resorts: among the colours, scents and unique landscapes of Gallura in the North of Sardinia.
Gallura stretches from the Golfo of Asinara to the Costa Smeralda, creating a contrast between the turquoise blue and emerald green of the sea and the intense colours of the Mediterranean plants and flowers and the rocky coastlines of granite and coral that combine to produce sunsets and evenings of a fantastic fairy-tale like colour and beauty.


The Delphina resorts and hotels, as well as having every comfort available were built in full respect of the magic and natural state of the most typical parts of Gallura, with the intention of offering the by now rare emotion found in a natural yet exclusive holiday.


In fact, Nature is one of the defining elements of all our hotels and resorts. Enjoy this natural beauty throughout your entire holiday: from our Thalasso & SPA Wellness Centres at Marinedda, Torreruja, Capo d’Orso, Valle dell’Erica and from our Wellness & SPA Centres at Cala di Lepre and Le Dune, all just a few metres from the sea yet immersed in luxuriant greenery, to excursions that will allow you to discover beautiful wild places like the La Maddalena Archipelago or unique and unforgettable sights like the marvellous beaches of the Costa Smeralda.


Together with Delphina you will be able to discover an unusual yet fascinating Sardinia, without giving up any of the high life pleasures found in the well-known tourist centres that are just a few minutes by car from our hotels and resorts.

Delphina offers you authentic Mediterranean hospitality in unique places.